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There is something in the blue... 


BlueLabs GmbH

Schellingstraße 109a

80798 Munich, Germany

BlueLabs GmbH is the innovation arm of Dornier MedTech GmbH

Based in Munich, Germany, the vision of BlueLabs is to digitalize the healthcare experience through the incorporation of innovative technologies such as Internet-of-things, Augmented Reality, Artificial intelligence, etc. into medical device products and services.

The mission of BlueLabs is to spearhead innovations that enable medical device producers to tap into the larger business and technology opportunities particularly addressing top customer needs around the globe. Our company philosophy is to think broad and act focused. To prioritize end-customer value, putting our customers at the center, always and to deliver the best possible solutions.

BlueLabs GmbH is funded by Advanced MedTech Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean based pioneer and leader in the field of urology.

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